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Tea Party Invitations

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Tea party invitations - free, downloadable, stylish and original. What more can I say??

If you're planning a birthday tea party then these invitations may be just the ticket. Alternatively you could download the images and use them in your own design. (Use 'Save As' on your computer)

Before that, here are a few ideas for possible food choices for the party.

Savoury food for the tea party could include:
soft rolls with ham or cream cheese
sandwiches cut into fancy shapes using biscuit cutters
cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks

Sweet food for the tea party:
cupcakes (perhaps with a candle in)
chocolate crispies
chocolate fingers
jelly and ice cream
fruit - strawberries, melon cubes or balls, grapes, satsuma pieces

Mmm, that's making me hungry!

Right, back to the birthday invitations!

These free printable party invitations can be viewed using Adobe Reader - don't worry, if you haven't got it, just click here for the latest free version (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

Each invitation is designed to fit on an A4 piece of paper and you can print it onto card or speciality paper - consider paper with varying textures, colours and even scents. Matching envelopes will also make a strong impression.

Unfortunately, although some of these images are animated on a website, they will not be on your invitation! Imagine the recipient's face if they were!

So here are our collection of Free Printable Tea Party Invitations. The picture on the left is the featured graphic on the invitation, and on the right I've given an indication of the wording on the invite. By clicking the writing, the invitation will open in a new window. If you like it, print it!

yellow mug of steaming coffee

"We're having a tea party. Do Come!

Cup of tea border!

pink mug of steaming coffee

"Fancy a cuppa? Then come to our tea party.

Cup of tea border

gif of cherry pie

"We're having a tea party and we'd love you to come.

Cup of tea border

gif of man with hat

"You are cordially invited to a tea party!

Celtic-type border

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