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Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

Searching for that perfect gift? Running out of inspiration? These ideas will suit a variety of age groups.
If you want more inspiration look at the main ages on the left hand side navigation. For example if you need ideas for a 30th birthday gift, just click on '30th' on the navigation.

Dr Seuss Birthday Book

The Dr Seuss Book - Happy Birthday to You! could be the perfect answer for any age. Personalise it by asking friends and family to write in the cover.

This will be one book they'll treasure for ever.

Personal Photo Book

Ask as many friends and family as possible to provide you with a photo of the person and a few lines about when it was taken. The friend or family member should also be in the picture if possible.

Buy a special presentation book or photo album and arrange all the photos in it with a short text. This will make a really special gift that the person will treasure.

Digital Photo Frame

Collect your favourite photos digitally and arrange them in a digital photo frame. The frames often only need a memory card so there's no need to download and print the photos.

Images will change according to your specification - maybe every few seconds - allowing the recipient to view a wide selection of personally chosen photos. A perfect personalised birthday gift for any age.

Trip to the Theatre/Concert

Start finding out, if you don't know already, who the favourite celebrities are in this person's life.

Maybe it's a musical person - in which case buy tickets for a concert.

If it's an actor, then find out what play they're in and book up seats for their latest production.

Similarly it might be a comedian or sports personality who particularly interests them.

You need your ears to the ground and fingers on the speed dial. Get the 'must have' tickets of the year and be in their good books for ever!

Gift Basket

There are so many different gift baskets available now for every sort of person and interest. Check out the endless Gift Baskets possibilties or learn how to make your own perfect basket.

Weekend Away

A weekend away with friends, family or a loved one is an ideal way to spend a special birthday. You don't even need to travel far - it could be a hotel in a nearby town or a night in a country pub. The important thing is to get away and have a break with loved ones.

Hobby Option

How does the birthday person like to spend his or her free time? A keen gardener for example might really appreciate a rose bush or even a live tree such as an olive or lemon tree.

Engraved Gift Idea

Consider an engraved pen, handbag mirror, lighter, cufflinks - take a look at these engraved gifts.

Newspaper from the day they were born

You can order a copy of the newspaper, originally printed on the day they were born. Some companies will send the newspaper leather bound to make even more of an impression.

King, Queen or Princess??

Finally if the birthday person really has made a big difference in your life, how about buying them a crown or tiara?!

You could arrange a little 'thank you' speech while the crown is placed on their head and maybe the grandchildren could put on a little play or song.

Make sure you have the tissues ready!

There are lots more ideas for birthday gifts on the site. Just go to the appropriate age on the navigation to the left. You'll find a whole host of different ideas suitable for every age group.

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