Party Planning Checklist Forms
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Party Planning Checklist Forms

Use one of our Party Planning Checklist Forms to make sure you’'ve thought of everything for your celebration.

A party planning list such as this is invaluable to keep you focused on the day of the party.

I would not advise organizing a big party on your own. Pick a handful of family and friends and ask if they would be prepared to help you on the night.

Meet up on a couple of occasions before the big day and talk through what needs to be done. This way the stress is shared and it doesn't just fall on your shoulders.

Before the birthday celebration

  • Licence: check if you need a licence for the premise you are using. In the UK a Temporary Events Notice is needed - no more than 499 people are allowed at the event and you apply to your local council around three weeks in advance.

  • Collect a list of local hotels/bed & breakfasts/motels in case people want to stay overnight after the party

  • Provide directions to the hall for those who don’t know the area

  • Check that there will be suitable parking at the venue

  • Is there disabled access/toilets if needed?

  • As mentioned earlier, birthday party planning is a big undertaking and it’s a good idea to have a few trusted people to help you with some of the jobs.

    You may need people to:

  • Help on the door (welcoming and/or security)

  • Organise the food

  • Set out the room - tablecloths, candles or tea-lights, lighting generally, chairs and tables

  • Put balloons/decorations on the outside door and/or tables and chairs

  • Set aside a gift area if appropriate

  • Look after the drinks table - if you do not have a bar, you may be selling/giving away your own drinks (including getting cold drinks and ice from the fridge)

  • Organise the music - if you do not have a DJ or live band, you may need someone to play Cds etc

  • Keep smokers quiet outside, if the venue is in a residential area

  • Clear up the room and/or outside area at the end

  • Things you may need on the night

  • Ice

  • Balloons/decorations

  • Container for money and float if selling drinks

  • Sign for cost of drinks if applicable

  • Sign for smokers if applicable (eg. “Please keep noise to a minimum“)

  • Blu-Tack for any signs

  • Cds/music/cd player

  • Kitchen Roll and/or napkins

  • Cups/plates if serving food

  • Black bags for rubbish at end

  • Remember

  • Make sure helpers/live band/caretaker have drinks and/or food - keep these important people happy!

  • Say a public thank you to people who have helped

    This Party Planning Checklist Form is available as a PDF Document.

    Homemade centerpieces are a great way to decorate your party. Visit this site for lots of inexpensive decoration ideas with videos and instructions for you to make them at home.

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