Male Gift Ideas
Inspiring Birthdays

Male Gift Ideas

Inspiring male gift ideas for the man who has everything? Yes, that can be quite a challenge!

On this page I'll be suggesting some of the more unusual male birthday gift ideas you could consider as well as offering a new twist on some old chestnuts!

Helicopter Rides NewYork Helicopter Tour
If you live near a large city or if you're planning a holiday and want to surprise your boyfriend or husband on the trip, you might want to consider a helicopter ride over a nearby city or beauty spot.

If you have a friend visiting New York for example, why not buy them a New York City Pass designed for individuals who want to discover the delights of a new city - or even a familiar one through fresh eyes!

Viator are the masters in organising this kind of trip. They operate in North America, Europe, Australia and Pacific, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Caribbean, and Central and South America. Well I think that covers the whole world, doesn't it??

Imagine a helicopter tour of New York! Now a present like that would be hard to beat!

Click here for Red Hot Discounts from Viator! Find and book tours and activities ahead and have more time for fun. They have 450 plus destinations to choose from and 50,000 plus tour reviews and photos.

Fly-fishing School

Orvis Fly Fishing School

How about booking a weekend retreat or a one-day intensive fly fishing school intended for both the novice angler and expert alike? At Fly Fishing School classes are small and taught by top professional fly fishing casting instructors. Their schools are located throughout the United States.

They offer fly fishing lessons from the basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, and topics including the essentials of fly casting, tying knots, choosing gear and tackle, as well as proper fly selection will all be taught. This could start a new life-long passion or consolidate skills already learnt.

fishing reels
Fishing Equipment
If you're after a smaller fishing related gift, Orvis has everything a fly fisherman could ever dream of: rods, reels and lines, clothing, flies, waders, and lots more. Check out Orvis for more ideas and inspiration. They have masses of high quality fishy products!

Atomic Watches
A new twist on a traditional gift.

An atomic watch is a wristwatch that is radio controlled to keep the most accurate time on earth. You never need to set the time or date of an atomic watch because it receives a low-frequency radio signal nightly that keeps it in perfect synchronization with the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado.

When you change time zones you usually have to do that manually, (although apparently it's quite simple). Accurate and rugged, these watches should please any man!

Instrumental lessons
It's never too late to start learning a musical instrument. A guy I know was given a set of guitar lessons by his wife which he loved.

It was something he'd always wanted to do but never had the time.

Has your husband or dad mentioned that he's always wanted to play the saxophone,drums, guitar etc? Well either splash out on the instrument themselves - you could rent it - or organise some lessons.

My Dad by Anthony Browne
This book by Anthony Browne is a magical, timeless book that should move any father.

A perfect present from a son or daughter.

Magazine Subscription This is a great idea for the man who has everything! You're sure to find a magazine here that will interest the man in your life. It could be a political, geographical, electrical Magazine subscription - there are hundreds and hundreds of titles to choose from.

Red Letter Days
Red Letter Days a leading British company, offers unique activities and adventures which make fantastic gifts. Bungee Jumping

Here are just a few suggestions for unique male gift ideas, almost exclusively organised in the UK.

  • Bungee Jump

  • An Introduction to Falconry

  • Golf Masterclass

  • A Microlight Flight

  • Stunt Car Driving

De-mine a football field
Changing The Present have a whole new slant on gift giving.

A gift of $35 will go towards mentoring young activists who are working to apply their unique skills and talents to protect human rights.

A donation of $50 will de-mine and build 10 square metres of a soccer field in a mine-affected country, saving lives and giving kids safe places for recreation and social development.

Your gift of $100 will provide five Sudanese families with gear to catch fish for family consumption or for sale throughout the region.

There are masses of other inspiring and original ideas for alternative gift giving on their website.

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