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Karaoke Party Ideas

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Here are some practical Karaoke Party Ideas that should take some of the stress out of planning for that special day.

It's important none of the guests feel self conscious, or worse, get bored while the songs are being sung.

If the party is for children, how about having someone do manicures, or weaving hair, or face painting, depending on the children's ages and gender of course.

Everyone has a chance to sing
To make sure everyone has a turn and really confident people don't dominate the occasion, how about putting everyone's names in a hat and drawing one out at a time - that person gets to sing.

Alternatively, if it's a bigger group why not use raffle tickets and pull out one at a time. The person with the lucky number gets to sing!

Children could sing in pairs if there are any really shy ones. Also it might be a good idea to put the children into pairs yourself rather than let them choose (someone might be left out).

Or have two teams to add in a little competition.

If a little encouragement is needed, how about having prizes for the most entertaining song, or best accompanying dance, or it could be the "most improved performance" during the evening.

Decorating the Room for a Karaoke Party

Lighting for your Karaoke party will really add to the atmosphere. These Indoor Fairy Lights will make the room look stunning. Some of these lights run on batteries so you can put them up literally anywhere in the house.

If the party spills out into the garden try these White Decorative Solar Fairy String Lights by Solar Brite. They'll really add to the occasion and make your garden look amazing!

A Disco Ball is another way to add to the atmosphere. Many of them simply plug in, throwing out multi-coloured lights just like in a real disco!

Karaoke Machines

This Karaoke Machine by Goodmans plays CD and CD+G (plus graphics) products and can be linked up to the TV with the scart lead enclosed. This means not only can you see the words on the screen but also the background video.

It is a great children's karaoke machine, easy to use and light enough to be taken into another room. There is also a second port for the microphone to enable duets to take place.

Separate volume controls for the microphone and the background music give you even more control than ever on producing the sound you want.

Well there are a few Karaoke Party Ideas to offer inspiration. Have a great time!

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