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Free, downloadable clipart - the happy birthday clipart on this page is to the best of my knowledge royalty free and in the public domain.

You are welcome to use any of the images below. A link to my site would be welcome although please do not link diectly to an image.

Just right-click on the image you like and save it on your own computer. This may be described as 'Save As', 'Save Picture As' or 'Save Image As' depending on the browser you are using.

purple gift with yellow ribbon gif file
pink cake with candle gif file
blue cake with candle gif file
red birthday cake with 4 candles gif file

balloons blue, red, green gif file
red balloon gif file
blue balloon gif file

Clipart Books on
Clipart Books on

red party hat with three balloons gif file
yellow happy birthday sign with balloons gif file
brown dog lifted by balloons gif file
pink cupcake with candle gif file

1st birthday cupcake gif file
happy birthday hat gif file
balloons blue, red, yellow, green gif file
happy birthday gif file

happy birthday banner png file
birthday cake with 7 candles png file
birthday cake with 8 candles png file
chocolate cake png file

This Happy Birthday Clipart has been collected whilst writing this site. It is all copyright free to the best of my knowledge. Use it in your own birthday creations but do not link directly to the images on this page. Save them to your own computer - thank you.

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