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You can use these printable Halloween invitations to get your friends together to celebrate the scariest night of the year!

There's no doubt about it - Halloween is BIG - and preparations start, well for some people at least, as soon as the summer holidays are over.

In the UK, there seems to be two responses to trick or treaters:

- close the curtains, turn off the lights, stay in the back of the house and pretend no-one's in - or . . .

- light up your pumpkin, put a big bowl of sweets outside your decorated front door, and get ready for hundreds of children to drop by!

If you're planning a party, the graphics on this page as well of course as the invitations, can be used.

Graphics on this page
You are most welcome to right click on any of the graphics on this page and save them to your computer. Then you'll be able to use them in your own designs. To the best of my knowledge the designs are copyright free - please get in touch if you know otherwise.

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These free printable halloween invitations can be viewed using Adobe Reader - don't worry if you haven't got it, just click here for the latest free version (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

Each invitation is designed to fit on an A4 piece of paper unless stated otherwise and you can print it onto card or speciality paper - consider paper with varying textures, colours and even scents. Matching envelopes will also make a strong impression.

I've given an indication of the wording on the invite but to view the free invitation you'll need to click on the link. The pdf file will then open in a new window. If you like it, print it!

Halloween Invitation Number 1
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"Halloween Party!"

This invitation is A4 size.

Halloween Invitation Number 2
"Halloween is here and we're having a party. Come if you dare!"

This invitation is A4 size.

Halloween Invitation Number 3
"Halloween Party!"

This invitation is half A4 size.

Halloween Invitation Number 4
"Halloween Party!"

This invitation is half A4 size.

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