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E invites

Create amazing birthday invites in minutes!

E invites or electronic invitations are an easy, quick and eco-friendly way of inviting people to a birthday, baby shower, even a wedding.

E Invite For A Birthday - Make It Special

A personalised birthday e invitation can be sent in minutes. Add photos and even choose some music to go with it, and you have a really special kind of invitation to receive. You just need to add the event details - you can even customise it with a video! Imagine getting together with a friend or two and inviting guests through a video! Just an idea . . .

100s of Invite Designs

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With companies such as Smilebox.com! you'€™ll have hundreds of different invitation designs to choose from.

Smilebox in fact specialise in free e invitations!

Your perfect design could be humorous, cheeky, romantic, formal, modern, or clean and simple.

You might be looking for an e invitation design that will appeal more to children - maybe it’s an invite to a girl’s party or a boy’s. Either way you’re sure to find the perfect design.

Baby shower e invites

It’s not only birthdays that benefit from these new applications. How about sending a baby shower e invitation?

Start by choosing a cute, funky or elegant design for the party

Write who the Baby Shower celebration is for

Fill in the date, the time and the place of the Baby Shower party

Complete the RSVP details if you want

Send off the Baby Shower E Invite to your nearest and dearest!

Create extraordinary free digital invitations in minutes at Smilebox.com! You can even add your own photos, video clips and music.

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