Creative Birthday Cake Design Ideas

There are hundreds of birthday cake designs out there just waiting to be translated into fantastic culinary delights.

Here we have some amazing pictures of kids' birthday cakes - real cakes that have already been enjoyed and been given the thumbs up! Let them inspire you.

Let's start our birthday cake designs for kids with this incredible Hello Kitty cake from c.r.avery

This was made for a lucky two year old. Each tier has 3 layers and is covered with fondant, chocolate flowers and faux fur trim. I think you'll agree it's both cool and cute! (as well as amazing!)

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Next we have a Chocolate Fudge cake with white chocolate buttercream, decorated in the style of the childrens TV show "In the Night Garden."

It was made by Sugarbloom Cupcakes for a two year old child called YuChen - the cake also features Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy.

Birthday Cake In the Night Garden

Here's another design by Sugarbloom Cupcakes - this time a Thomas the Tank Engine cake!

There were twelve coconut cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream each decorated as a character from the Thomas Series. The Thomas cutting cake seen below was a chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate buttercream, with handmade, edible decorations. Mmm, yes please ;)

Thomas the Train birthday cake

For more inspiration, look at these cake designs

Firetruck birthday cake
Firetruck cake by JasonTromm
winnie the pooh cake
Pooh cake - Andreas Solberg

Lola birthday cake
Lola cake by smr+lsh
pink skeleton cake
Pink skeleton cake by JWhipkey

birthday cake for boy called Josh
Josh's cake by Ruthieki
lego birthday cake
Lego cake - photo:TamaLeaver

Disney cake
Disney cake - christielockwood

Dalek birthday cake
Dalek 10th cake by tim d
bowling party cake
Bowling - woodleywonderworks