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    Famous Birthday Quotes

    Famous Birthday Quotes - birthday quotes by Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey, Oscar Wilde and more. Perfect for inspiring birthday messages in cards.

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    Party Planning Checklist Forms

    Party planning checklist forms are essential to keep you on track when organising a party or function. Having a party planning list like this can take much of the stress out of running an event.

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    Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

    Birthday Invitation Wording Samples - here are some sample verses for invitations to a range of birthday parties. They are all free to use!

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    Create Free Animated Musical Ecards

    Create your own free animated musical ecards, interactive ecards, slideshows, scrapbooks, and invitations. Use photos of your family or a favorite image you'’d like your friends and family to see

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    E Invites - Electronic Party Invitations Are So Easy To Send

    E Invites or electronic invitations are an easy, quick and eco-friendly way of inviting people to a birthday, baby shower, even a wedding.

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    Free Party Invitations for All Occasions

    Get Free Party Invitations - available to download for any occasion. Come and take your pick!

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    Free Happy Birthday Clipart and Graphics

    High-quality free public domain clipart images all sharing one theme - birthdays! Also with links to other great sites that I've found really useful. Free clipart and graphics in an easy to navigate form.

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    Online Printable Greeting Cards

    Online Printable Greeting Cards - 300 printable cards, invitations, colouring pages, puzzles and activities - available for your own computer. You'll never have to search for that card again!

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    Contact me - if you want to give feedback on the site or ask a question, just use this page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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    Affiliate Disclosure

    Affiliate Disclosure

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    Privacy Policy for Privacy Policy - we recognize that your privacy is important. This document explains our policy.

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    100th Birthday Invitations

    100th Birthday Invitations - what an achievement to reach 100! Use one of our free downloadable invitations to start the party! Also ideas for a 90th or 100th birthday gift.

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    90th Gift Ideas - incorporating 100th Gift Ideas!

    90th Gift Ideas - suggestions that will answer the question,

    Continue reading "90th Gift Ideas - incorporating 100th Gift Ideas!"

    80th Birthday Ideas

    80th Birthday Ideas - here are some possible gift ideas for an 80th birthday. Also free downloadable invitations and 80th birthday party ideas.

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    70th Birthday Ideas

    70th Birthday Ideas - here are some suggestions to make buying that special 70th gift a bit easier.

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    60th Birthday Ideas

    60th Birthday Ideas - here we offer some possible 60th Birthday Gift Ideas. From engraved gift ideas to afternoon tea - you're sure to find an idea on this page.

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    50th Birthday Present Ideas

    50th Birthday Present Ideas - this is the age when people need pampering - teenage children may be taking their toll, elderly parents may need extra care. Fifty year olds need some TLC too!

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    40th Birthday Ideas

    40th Birthday Ideas - having trouble thinking of a birthday idea for someone turning 40? Take a look at our 40th Birthday Ideas for inspiration.

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    30th Birthday Ideas - great ideas for a 30th Birthday Gift

    30th Birthday Ideas - some great ideas for a 30th birthday present! This is often the time when people are starting to get a place of their own and need useful as well as luxury items for their homes.

    Continue reading "30th Birthday Ideas - great ideas for a 30th Birthday Gift"

    21st Birthday Ideas - great ideas for a unique 21st birthday gift

    21st Birthday Ideas - great ideas for a unique 21st birthday gift. Wondering what to get for that special 21st birthday gift? Lots of great ideas on this dedicated page.

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    18th Birthday Invitations

    18th Birthday Invitations - free to download, unique designs, tasteful and sophisticated. Also ideas for teen birthday gifts.

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    Teen Gift Ideas

    Teen Gift Ideas - here are some suggestions and useful links if you have a teen's birthday approaching. Not always the easiest of birthdays to buy for but hopefully this section will make it easier.

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    Kids Birthday Invitations

    Kids Birthday Invitations all free to download! Bold, colourful designs your child will love. We make planning that special birthday just that bit easier (and cheaper!)

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    1st Birthday Invitations

    1st birthday invitations - free printable birthday party invitations for your child's very first birthday. Also baby shower ideas and free invites.

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    Free 90th Birthday Clip Art

    Looking for 90th birthday clip art? We've got some great designs for you in various colors and designs. Ideal for party invitations.

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    Spa Party Invitations

    Spa Party Invitations - forget all the stresses of our busy lives and organise a Spa Party! Download our free printable party invitations to get started.

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    Dog Theme Birthday Party

    Dog Theme Birthday Party - from puppy party napkins to party pups foil balloons. Also ideas for games and music. You're sure to have a dog-tastic time!

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    Personalized Birthday Gift

    Personalized Birthday Gift - here are some more personal ideas that will suit many age groups from teens to 90 year olds. Many are inexpensive birthday gifts as well!

    Continue reading "Personalized Birthday Gift"

    Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

    Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas - it's important not to forget the hostess in all the baby excitement. Here are some practical ideas as well as stylish ones that will make great gifts for the new mama!

    Continue reading "Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas"

    40th Birthday Quotes

    40th Birthday Quotes - read our 40th Birthday Quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire and Maya Angelou, amongst others! -You're not 40, you're eighteen with 22 years experience-

    Continue reading "40th Birthday Quotes"

    40th Birthday Cake Designs

    40th Birthday Cake Designs - here are some 40th birthday cake pics to inspire you if you're designing your own. Fancy birthday cakes as well as straightforward designs - come take a look.

    Continue reading "40th Birthday Cake Designs"

    1st Birthday Party Ideas

    1st Birthday Party Ideas - to have a party or not? Party bags or not? Party for the adults or the babies? Advice for your baby's first birthday.

    Continue reading "1st Birthday Party Ideas"

    Karaoke Party Ideas

    Karaoke Party Ideas - here are some practical ideas if you're planning a Karaoke party at home. With links to karaoke products that could be useful for the party.

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    1st Birthday Ideas

    1st Birthday Ideas - take a look at our top 1st birthday gift ideas for a child's very first birthday.

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    Top Gift Ideas For Women - Birthdays or Other Occasions

    Here are some great gift ideas your wife or girlfriend - how about a weekend away or a massage for the woman in your life? She'll love you forever!

    Continue reading "Top Gift Ideas For Women - Birthdays or Other Occasions"

    Free 70th Birthday Clip Art

    Free 70th Birthday Clip Art - high quality, free party clip art unique to this site. Various 70th birthday clipart designs in choice of colours. Free birthday clipart and graphics in an easy to navigate form.

    Continue reading "Free 70th Birthday Clip Art"

    Free Party Clipart for Birthdays

    Free Birthday Party Images and Clipart - including figures dancing, champagne bottles, glasses with bubbles, and much more!

    Continue reading "Free Party Clipart for Birthdays"

    Famous Friendship Poems

    Famous Friendship Poems - these famous friendship poems are ideal for quoting in birthday cards or reading out at a friend's birthday party. - Without friends, no one would choose to live . . . Aristotle

    Continue reading "Famous Friendship Poems"

    Friendship and Inspirational Poems

    These poems and quotes can be used as inspirational verses for birthday cards. Many of them are also short friendship poems and are perfect to read out at parties as a toast for the birthday person.

    Continue reading "Friendship and Inspirational Poems"

    Tea Party Invitations

    Tea Party Invitations - if you're thinking of having a tea party then look no further for free printable party invitations. Quirky designs, stylishly done - and best of all, they're free!

    Continue reading "Tea Party Invitations"

    80th Birthday Party Ideas and Suggestions

    80th Birthday Party Ideas - this is a big birthday celebration and you want it to be a success. Come and read our 80th birthday party planning ideas and see if any would work for you.

    Continue reading "80th Birthday Party Ideas and Suggestions"

    21st Birthday Invitations

    21st Birthday Invitations - all free to download! Also in this section, 21st gift ideas, 30th invitations and 30th gift ideas.

    Continue reading "21st Birthday Invitations"

    1st Birthday Cake Designs

    1st Birthday Cake Designs - if you're planning a 1st birthday then come take a look at these inspirational 1st birthday cake ideas. Photos of birthday cakes that will have you giddy with excitement!

    Continue reading "1st Birthday Cake Designs"

    Dog Party Invitations

    Dog Party Invitations! Yes, even dogs love parties! Invitations for a dog's birthday or perhaps to meet the new puppy. All free to download.

    Continue reading "Dog Party Invitations"

    60th Birthday Invitations

    60th Birthday Invitations - free to download and print. Also in this section ideas for a 60th birthday gift, free 70th birthday invitations, and ten great gift ideas for a 70 year old.

    Continue reading "60th Birthday Invitations"

    90th Birthday Party Ideas

    90th Birthday Party Ideas to help with the planning of this very special occasion. As well as free 90th birthday invitations, we have ideas to consider for the venue as well as suggestions for music.

    Continue reading "90th Birthday Party Ideas"

    80th Birthday Invitations

    80th Birthday Invitations - as well as gift ideas for the octogenarian. Also in this section free invitations and ideas for 90th and 100th birthdays!

    Continue reading "80th Birthday Invitations"

    Free Printable Bowling Invitations

    Free printable bowling invitations - if you're planning a bowling party, check out our free printable invitations. Also dog party, tea party, karaoke and valentines invitations.

    Continue reading "Free Printable Bowling Invitations"

    90th Birthday Invitations

    90th Birthday Invitations - free invitations to download, stylish and original. Gather your friends and family for this very special day. Also gift ideas and party planning.

    Continue reading "90th Birthday Invitations"

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