Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas
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Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

Looking for some Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas? Then check these out!

Stylish Diaper Bag

Whether it's a backpack, polka dot, floral or designer diaper bag, there's sure to be a stylish diaper bag that will suit the new parent.

Massage Treat

A massage, reflexology treatment, facial or a day at the spa - what a wonderful gift for the baby shower hostess.

Thermos Mug!

An unusual idea perhaps but when things are unpredicatable, especially in the early days, a thermos mug will ensure a hot drink is always hot! No more running to the microwave to warm up the tea. Team this up with some yummy biscuits and you've got a practical and very welcome present!

Special Bouquet

Flowers are a traditional favourite and gifts such as teddies, chocolates and wine can all be added to the arrangement. Give a hand-tied bouquet to make it extra special.

Plant a Tree!

A tree-planting gift is probably one of the most eco-friendly and unusual presents you can buy. By commissioning a tree you'll be giving something back to the planet. Visit Trees for Life for more details.

Rose Bush

How about a beautiful rose bush that grows as the baby grows? Make a ceremony out of planting it and enjoy its fragrance and beauty for years to come.

Engraved Gift Idea

Consider an engraved heart keyring, handbag mirror, silver plated lipstick case - all can be ordered and engraved with a special message from Engraved Gift Ideas.


A beautiful pair of snuggly pyjamas might be just the thing to induce blissful rest when baby eventually decides to sleep!

Domestic Help!

How about paying for a home-help/cleaner to come around once a week for the first six months say? Even for the first month, this kind of help would be so useful. Big cleaning firms may do gift vouchers that can be used as and when.

And when the baby's arrived, consider this for an idea - if you enjoy cooking, rustle up a few healthy meals that can be popped in the freezer and only need re-heating. When the mayhem of the first few months is underway this will be the best gift of all!

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