90th Gift Ideas - incorporating 100th Gift Ideas!
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90th Gift Ideas - incorporating 100th gift ideas

For my Godmother's 90th birthday I bought her an easel.

She had moved into a residential home and had one room for all her belongings. You know how it is - furniture, books, keepsakes, all have to be narrowed down to one room. Virtually impossible really.

Anyway she'd been talking about the painting easel she'd had in her house and how she missed it. So I searched for one on Amazon, had it delivered to my house, worked out how to put it up and took it over to her place on her birthday. She was absolutely thrilled!

Is there anything similar that the birthday person has talked about, dreamt of or thought about? It's your job to find that missing item that will complete their life! So no pressure!!

Here are some more 90th Gift Ideas . . .

Soft Wool Blanket

A soft 100% Alpaca Wool Blanket offers luxury, warmth and practicality.

Cashmere bed socks or slippers

Extra soft and available in a wide selection of colours, how about Luxury Cashmere Socks or Cashmere Slippers as an indulgent gift?

Teddy Bear

You can't beat a soft and cuddly Teddy Bear!

Touch Lamp

A Touch Lamp is a convenient and easy way of bringing brightness to a room. Simply by touching the base of the lamp, the light comes on. Often there are three settings - the first touch being perfect as a night light.


Lifting the lid on a box of chocolates is definitely up there among life's most enjoyable pleasures. Click here to peruse a mouth watering selection of delicious chocolates.

Special Bouquet

A Bouquet of Flowers is a traditional favourite and gifts such as teddies, chocolates and wine can all be added to the arrangement. Send a hand-tied bouquet to make it extra special.

Birthday Cake

For somebody who has everything, a Birthday Cake might not be such a bad idea. It can be cut up and shared, bringing joy to everyone who knows the birthday girl or boy! Alternatively they may choose to eat it all themselves!

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