80th Birthday Ideas
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80th Birthday Ideas

Are you looking for some 80th Birthday Ideas? Inspiration for a very special gift? Take a look at this page before you go any further!

When my Mom turned 80 we organized a surprise party for her.

She was living in a residential home and had absolutely no idea that plans were underway for a big family gathering.

We held the party on site since my Mom was in a wheelchair and found it difficult getting about.

A large room was set aside in the home and they provided the food - the result of a meeting with my siblings and the chef - and we decorated it ourselves with 80th balloons and wall hangings.

One of the lovely things was that my brother, who lives abroad, was over for the occasion but of course my Mom had no idea he was in the country. They spoke on the mobile and he wished her a lovely day and said goodbye.

Of course a few minutes later, much to my Mom's shock and delight, he appeared with the rest of the family to wish her a Happy Birthday in person! It was truly a treasured moment!

More 80th birthday ideas
Not everyone likes gardening or is active enough for it, but a gardening gift might go down well.

This Garden Kneeler and Seat has good reviews on Amazon: "It's really two things in one. You can use it as a seat to sit on and do some things, but if you have to kneel and get closer down, well, just flip it around and kneel of the soft foam. Then, when its time to (try) and get up, the handles on either side let you use your arms to help boost you up!"

Is there a television programme that has been particularly enjoyed? There are some fantastic Dvd Box Set available now from sci-fi to sitcoms and dramas to documentaries.

If your birthday person likes a drink, how about:

How does dinner at Patsy's in New York, Nick's Seafood Restaurant in Sydney, or one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in the UK sound? Spoil your loved one and eat in style on this special day.

Tea at the Ritz (or the equivalent around the world) is another English treat. If you tell them in advance you might even get someone to play 'Happy Birthday' on the piano!

Finally, a family member celebrated her 80th birthday with a parachute jump! Now I'm not suggesting you organise one of these as a surprise, but hopefully there's something on this page that will serve as an excting alternative!

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