80th Birthday Party Ideas and Suggestions
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80th Birthday Party Ideas and Suggestions

Here are eight 80th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Display photos through the years - a montage on display boards around the room. This could be done by the person herself or you could ask everyone to bring a photo to the party featuring the birthday person. People can pin the photo on a board as they enter the hall. Don't forget to provide the pins!

2. Ask everyone to write down something that happened in the year the person was born. eg someone celebrating an 80th birthday in 2010 would have been born in 1930. Again this could be pinned on a board when people enter the hall.

3. Rent a cottage for the weekend and have the family party there. Order the food so that no-one has too much work to do. We did this for my Mother-in-law's 70th party and it was a great success.

4. A theme party
  • Music eg. swing, jive, line dancing. A live band is always a real treat and if this can't be arranged you'll need a good sound system to ensure all the dancers can hear the music properly. A DJ is the obvious answer.

    Sometimes you can hire an events organiser specialising in a particular type of dance who will bring the music and call out the moves for those who want to join in.

  • Flower Theme A: if the party is in the summer, ask everyone to bring a stem or a bunch of flowers from their garden/shop. Provide empty vases and let people combine their flowers artistically in the vases at the beginning of the party!

  • Flower theme B - everyone wear a flower either in their button hole or in their hair.

  • Colour Theme - another 80th birthday party suggestion is to choose a colour, for example white, and ask everyone to wear something featuring this colour. Table cloths/napkins/ balloons/other decorations can all feature this colour.

  • 5. Surprise element: invite the daughter/son/sister/brother etc, who now lives in another country or a considerable distance away, to the party and keep it a secret from the birthday person. It will be an amazing surprise!

    6. Ask the grandchildren to prepare a dance/song or other kind of short performance (magic trick?) for the party.

    7. Outdoor gathering - if the weather is reliable, organise the party in the garden or a local park. Bring outdoor chairs for those who prefer not to sit on the ground, bring balls, bats, dogs, food - you name it!

    8. Everyone bring something to eat - a useful 80th birthday party planning idea is to ask everyone to bring a dish of food: either a Main Course with meat, Vegetarian Main Course, Cooked Vegetables or Dessert. Make it clear by mentioning this on the invitations and by asking different people for different things you'll be sure of a good selection of food for the party.

    I hope some of these 80th Birthday Party Ideas may strike a chord and help with the party planning just a little.

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