70th Birthday Ideas
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70th Birthday Ideas

It's tough thinking of a birthday gift for the person who seems to have everything! Try this page for some ideas.

The first thing that comes to mind is jewellery.

The 70th year is known as the Sapphire Jubilee. So how about considering a piece of sapphire jewellery as a very special piece to treasure?

Perhaps a sapphire locket could be given with photos of the children or grandchildren inside.

A sapphire pendant or sapphire earrings would make a stunning 70th birthday gift.

Weekend in a country cottage

For my mother-in-law's 70th birthday, she rented a cottage for her children, their partners and her grandchildren and we all hid away in the English countryside for a weekend.

She ordered a food delivery from a local supermarket which included a 7 portion healthy ready made meal, prepared vegetables and desert so nothing needed to be done on that first evening.

It worked very well and was a real treat. I guess it would have been beter if we'd organised it ourselves, but it was one way of ensuring that all her loved ones were together and under one roof for two nights!

Other 70th Ideas

Wining, dining and crumpets for tea!

Indulgence has to be the name of the game! Dress to impress and take your friend/mum/granny to a top restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Many of the cities' top hotels offer Afternoon Tea. Here in the UK, tea at The Ritz or The Savoy has become a very special treat - one of our more luxurious 70th birthday ideas.

Something completely different!

The Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station with Atomic Time forecasts the weather 12 -24 hours in advance.

This is a digital weather station which is both fun and interesting. And if the person you're buying it for lives in an area that tends to be volatile when it comes to the weather, it could be a life saver.

This weather station has both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity read outs

Can't beat flowers!

Don't forget, if all else fails a really fantastic bouquet of fresh flowers will definitely hit the spot. Come to think of it, any age group would like that one!

So there we are, some 70th birthday ideas. Hopefully one might strike a chord or at least inspire you!


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