60th Birthday Ideas
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60th Birthday Ideas

Are you looking for a 60th birthday idea for a friend or family member? Try this page for some possibilities.

Hopefully these 60th Gift Ideas will make choosing that special gift a little easier.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

The gemstone for a 60th Anniversary is the diamond. It might also be suitable for a 60th birthday.

Diamond jewellery doesn't have to break the bank. Take a look at these from the jewellery department at Amazon:

diamond earrings

diamond necklace

diamond bangle bracelets

diamond bling phone case!

Other Ideas

If your birthday friend or family member enjoys a drink then consider an electric wine bottle opener. It makes opening a bottle of wine effortless!

How does the birthday person like to spend his or her free time? A keen gardener for example might really appreciate a rose bush or even a live tree such as an olive or lemon tree.

Buying a personalised number plate is quite an expensive option but you could club together with friends and family. Pretty cool gift for the woman or man who likes to travel in style!

Is there a television programme that has been particularly enjoyed? There are some fantastic Dvd Box Set available now from sci-fi to sitcoms and drama to documentaries.

A magazine subscription is a perfect gift since it keeps arriving week after week (or month after month) reminding the lucky recipient of your great idea! There are so many subjects covered that you're sure to find a magazine that will be of interest.

So there we are, some 60th birthday ideas for you to mull over. Hopefully there's something inspiring in the list that's caught your eye.

60th Birthday Gifts

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