40th Birthday Ideas
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40th Birthday Ideas

40th Birthday? Looking for a gift? Try the ideas on this page for starters.

The gemstone for a 40th Anniversary is the Ruby.

This could be the starting point for a beautiful piece of jewellery or even a colour theme that could run through your 40th birthday gifts.

How about

ruby earrings

ruby necklace

ruby ring

Choosing any of these pieces will definitely make an impression!

Weekend Away

For my 40th, we went to Lisbon for a weekend away. This was a place I had always wanted to visit and although I organised it myself, it was still a special and memorable thing to do.

For my husband's 40th, I organised a slightly different weekend. For those that know the UK, the city of Hull may not immediately spring to mind as the most romantic place for a weekend away (no offence intended!)

However, my husband is a big underwater fan and so I knew that taking him to The Deep, one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world, would be a sure fire hit. And so it was!

Your mission is to find something that excites the birthday person.

This could be:
  • a visit to a football stadium

  • a surprise trip to visit far a way relatives

  • lunch in a Michelin star restaurant

  • tickets for a performance by that person's favourite pop star

  • a trip down the river on a historic vessel
    (for another of my husband's birthdays we went down the Thames
    on a 'Duck' tour - travelling in a World War Two amphibious vehicle
    we were taken around the London streets and then had 30 minutes on
    The Thames. It was fantastic!

In short, think carefully about the birthday person.

What are their passions?

What are their main interests?

What television programmes are they drawn to?

This information will give you clues as to what the birthday person might like.

If you don't know them that well then you'll have to ask questions! Don't be afraid of asking a spouse, a parent, a child, a best friend for their ideas. Maybe you could club together and get something from a group of you.

Good luck with finding something suitable and have a lovely day whatever you decide to do!


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