40th Birthday Cake Designs
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40th Birthday Cake Designs

Here are some 40th birthday cake designs ready to inspire you! If you're making the cake this year - or even asking someone else to do it for you - this page is a good starting point.

There are funny birthday cakes, fancy birthday cakes, birthday cakes for men - browse through and see what you think!

And if you've made a birthday cake - for any age or occasion - and you'd like to show it off, then click here to send in the photo!

40th birthday cake with roses
Let's start our 40th birthday cake designs with a stunning cake for a lucky woman called Claire. This is by Fays Cakes.

I think you'll agree that the attention to detail is quite stunning. Imagine Claire's face when this was brought out!

40th birthday chocolate mud cake
Next we have a 6" chocolate mud cake filled and frosted with chocolate ganache and covered in pink fondant for a 40th birthday party. There were also cupcakes to match!

It was made by Clever Cupcakes.

40th chocolate cake
Here's a rich, chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting - by chez loulou.

40th anniversary cake with roses
This next one is actually a 40th anniversary cake but I wanted to feature it because it's so beautiful - by Samdogs.

And for more inspiration, take a look at these creative 40th birthday cake designs . . .

40th monkey birthday cake
40th Monkey Cake by MonkeyMike
40th monkey birthday cake
Close Up by MonkeyMike

40th cake - man in bath
40th Bath Cake by exfordy
40th birthday cake - guinness design
40th Guinness Cake by rockinpaddy

40th birthday cake with letters
40th Letter Cake by Dave Haygarth
40th birthday cake with balloons
40th Balloons Cake by John Biehler

40th birthday cake in black and white
40th Cake b/w - Doha Sam
40th birthday tardis cake
40th Tardis Cake Lapillus

40th birthday cake design
40th Cake by Ben
40th birthday cake with vultures
40th Cake by TN Something Special

Here's wishing you every success for the baking of your special 40th birthday cake! And hopefully you've been inspired by some of the 40th Birthday Cake Designs on this page.

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