1st Birthday Ideas
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1st Birthday Ideas

Take a look at our 1st Birthday Ideas. We've chosen some inspiring possibilities to make baby's first birthday a really special one.

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Photo Scrapbook
If you have photos of the new baby, why not make a 'Smilebox' - baby photos and videos can be added in minutes to make Smileboxecards, scrapbooks and slideshows. It's very easy to do:

Click to play
Create your own baby greeting - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox Baby Greeting

- simply choose your template

- add music if you want to

- pop in your photos

- and heh presto, a beautiful present for the new family!

2. Babies love playing in the bath - so a toy for the bath would go down a treat. This Octopals Bath Toy by Tomy looks great fun!

3. Musical toys are always popular at this age.

This LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table has 15 activities and more than 40 songs to keep children learning and grooving! Very favourable reviews on Amazon.

4. Money for a savings account or trust fund might be popular with the parents! After all, there'll be more than enough toys to go round, you can be sure of that!

5. Activities for the garden would go down well eg. a sand pit, a trike, a swing, a 'sit on and push' car.

6. A dolly or a teddy are perenial favourites for 1st birthday gifts. My First Dolly Soft Toy by Gund or the Baby Safe Cuddly Bear by Steiff would be treasured for years to come.

7. How about an annual pass to the zoo or a local soft play area? This would really be a practical and fun present that would be appreciated by the whole family.

8. From the parents point of view, clothes are always useful for the baby. You can never have enough outfits!

9. A practical gift like a car seat or high chair would go down well - obviously check what the family have first.

10. Finally, how about a bottle of champagne for the parents! After all they've survived their first year of parenthood and thoroughly deserve it!

Hopefully there are a few 1st birthday ideas on this page to consider. It's a special day there's no doubt about that. But remember, the baby's too young to realise its significance so don't get too stressed, and don't feel you need to spend a large amount of money.

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