1st Birthday Party Ideas
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1st Birthday Party Ideas

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Here are some useful 1st Birthday Party Ideas to help with that very special day.

Venues for 1st Birthday Party

The Garden
If the weather is warm - and that's a big if, how about a simple party in the garden? You could have a barbeque for the adults, plenty of seats so the adults can be comfortable.

You could lay out bedspreads and rugs for the ground in case it's a bit wet so the babies can crawl around, with liberally scattered safe toys in strategic places.

The Park
If you don't have a big enough garden, how about the local park?

Again, bring rugs and bedspreads etc for the babies to crawl on, ask the parents to bring a fold up chair if they'd like one.

Keep things as simple as possible.

Find out about toilets and try and make sure they're within walking distance.

There may be little areas within the park where no dogs are allowed eg. a corner of the play park or a special rose bush garden. After all, dogs and food don't mix and you don't want your sandwiches being gobbled up by a greedy hound!

The Zoo
How about gathering a few friends together and taking the babies to the zoo? You could start or finish at the house and have drinks and cake there.

More formal venue
There are lots of halls and community centres that have rooms to hire out. Having some kind of outdoor space is always useful - especially if the weather's good.

If you hire a hall, how long should you book it for?

How long should the 1st birthday party last?

You will need time to set everything up as well as tidy up at the end. I would probably recommend half an hour to set up (depending on how many helpers you have), no longer than 2 hours for the party itself, and 30 minutes to an hour to tidy up at the end.

There may be quite a lot of mess so don't underestimate the last bit!

Also, don't make the party itself too long. Remember it's your special day too so don't give yourself a breakdown in the process!

Party Bags or not?

The 1st birthday party does not really require party bags. There will be plenty of time for that as they get older.

Alternatively keep it small

It might be that tea with grandparents and a few close friends is enough for the 1st birthday party.

Perhaps a delicious cake, a birthday song, close friends and family is the perfect 1st birthday?

Don't forget to take photos so you have something to show your child when they grow up!

This day is a very special day - the important thing to remember is that the family is together, there's a cake and a Happy Birthday song!

I hope some of these 1st Birthday Party Ideas have been useful! Enjoy your special day.

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