Birthday Ideas To Inspire You!

Free Printable Party Invitations And Unique Gift Ideas...

Here at Inspiring Birthdays I wanted to create a site that offered ideas for free printable party invitations.

Occasionally I would receive party invitations that had been individually made on friends' computers.

Being a teacher myself and enjoying making things, I began to look around the internet for ways of making my own party invitations and teaching resources. I found masses of copyright free images just waiting to be used productively.

This is how the site was born.

Free Printable Party Invitations

printable 40th birthday invitation form

The invitations presented here:

  • all use copyright free images
  • have unique designs and wording
  • are free to download
  • can be used as inspiration for your own invitations or teaching resources
  • can be easily printed out on A4 or Letter-size paper
  • will help you take one more item off your to-do list!

Enjoy exploring the pages and pages of helpful ideas and free downloads!

You'll also find:

  • lots of gift ideas for each major landmark birthday
    - these are gifts that I've given or received, heard about through friends and family, or simply gifts I think are suitable for that age group. Look at the ages on the left hand navigation and go to the appropriate 'gift ideas'.

  • ideas for organising a party of your own
    - this is a mixture of lessons I've learned along the way as well as ideas picked up from others

  • a selection of creative and amazing birthday cakes
    - the cake images I've chosen are incredible examples of what can be done at home. They are all from Flickr and the cooks have been credited!

  • examples of wording ideas to put in greeting cards or invitations
    - sometimes I've used poems or quotations found online, other times I've made up wording examples myself that are suitable for cards and invitations

I hope you find all the ideas and images useful for your own projects. Birthdays and celebrations don't have to be expensive. A little imagination is all that's needed. Be creative and enjoy!